Baby Driver | Sarah Bricke

The Baby Driver project exists in reference and in response to the book of the same name by Jan Kerouac. Originally conceived as a revisionist history, research ultimately revealed a true story that was far more compelling.

Baby Driver, Jan’s first novel, gives voice to a generation that embraced self-expression and sexual freedom and rejected mainstream consumerist values. The book is “the most beautifully executed, the clearest and most important utterance” of life on the road, set against a backdrop of drugs, strange days, eccentric characters, tragedies, casualties, coincidences, laughter, and disaster. Jan Kerouac succeeds in taking remnants that others overlook and constructing profoundly beautiful narrative and meaning out of what is perhaps inherently meaningless.

Before her birth, Jan’s mother, Joan Haverty, was abandoned by her father, Jack Kerouac, who refused to acknowledge his only child until receiving the results of a blood test when she was nine. He met Jan only twice. He was a famously self-absorbed misogynist. Like his daughter, he was an author.

None of Jan Kerouac’s books are in print today.

All of Jack Kerouac’s books are in print today.