Dissection(s) | Eia Radosavljevic

Dissection, 2021

Felt, wire, cotton. 5.5″ x 9″ x 15″ 

Eia’s recent work investigates displacement through deconstruction, reduction and reassembly, contemplating do, undo, re-do (from Louise Bourgeois) as a path traversing personal historical contexts. Soft-skinned, sculpted shapes of immanent motion generate from diasporic personal history and being other, where form includes what precedes and follows.

Actions surface regarding space, both lost and grasping for––reaching wide, moving into and around corners, in tropes of layers, holes and voids, the concave and convex. What  once spiraled unfurls horizontally.

Millinery functions here as a mode of carving time and place, and as communication mode for acceptance or distancing of someone/something outside the normative. Singled out as different, conversely does not encourage not seeking sameness but rather difference, so that headwear, being out of fashion, becomes an attracting and repulsing magnet.

Dissection 2, 2021

Felt, 11″ x 5″ x 5″.

This current materials exploratory theme work is telos-free. Coaxing headwear methodologies away from sheltered heads and toward harbored bodies in an investigation of sculpted interior and exterior surface and space; implied movement at inner and outer corners, but rendered softly. 

I consider these not as works-in-progress, but rather works as they exist in this moment. Caught in the past and future, I listen for Huxley’s mina birds calling, “Attention…here and now!”

Neoteric percolations reveal elements of corner icons, birch and bog wood, handwoven linen and wool, basketry, circular strata and stretched horizontal lines, disability and loss, writing and sketching.

Top two photographs: Allison Pasquesi

Bottom two photographs: Eia Radosavljevic